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ADHD and Diet

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Apparently a recent study published in the Lancet from the Netherlands was trying to make a correlation between what we eat and if that causes ADHD.

Interestingly enough, they did an elimination diet to the most ‘non-allergenic’ foods on 100 kids ages 4-8, which consisted of meat and vegetables.  Meat and vegetables?  Hmmmm…that sounds almost like a low carb diet?  In fact, that even sounds like my diet.

Except, they also added pears and wheat?  Wheat?  Non-allergenic?  Seriously? Even my dogs know that wheat is one of the most common allergens.  Not to mention highly processed and loaded with carbs and essentially empty calories, unless they add vitamins to the wheat product (which is practically a given in the US). 

Still though they saw a 64% improvement in behavior in children diagnosed wih ADHD.  And speculated that the others might not have followed the diet that closely.  Which is a problem with any non-supervised study.

I don’t think 100 kids is really statistically all that significant to be written about on CNN or published in a medical journal.  And the study also had no idea which foods were the ‘culprits’.  I guess the general gist of it was that allergens in food can cause erratic behavior.  Perhaps next they’ll look a little more closely at preservatives and artificial food coloring, perhaps those are the real culprits (besides a high sugar diet).