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New Study AGAIN Shows Low Carb Diets Work

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Yet another study showing the efficacy of low carb diets.  I know, as many people do, that low carb simply works.

By reducing carbs which minimizes the insulin response, people will stop storing those carbs as more fat.  This latest study showed that people who ate a low carb diet not only lost weight but their health markers (cholesterol, blood pressure, c reactive protein, liver function, etc.) IMPROVED!!!

Most carbs in our society are empty calories anyay.  Corporate food companies have to ADD vitamins and minerals (aka ‘enriched’) to even make much of the carbs people eat ‘nutritious’.  If they didn’t, they’d have ZERO nutritional value.

Combine that with adding sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) to virtually everything processed, then you have a recipe for signicant health problems.

Now with regards to this latest study showing low carb works, the one thing I find really interesting is the IMPROVEMENT in HDL (the so-called ‘Good’ cholesterol).  With all the hype and fear mongering about eating animal products / saturated fat and how eating a steak will cause a heart attack???  It’s rather ironic.

How is it that the ‘Good’ cholesterol IMPROVES on a low carb diet??  Cholesterol levels improve eating a low carb diet????  Good cholesterol improves eating eggs, bacon, steak, chicken, cheese??  Apparently so.