Cancer and Sausage?

In yet another over-hyped study, researchers are trying to suggest a link between sausage and pancreatic cancer.  Now, this is somewhat interesting because they are saying that eating sausage everyday MIGHT increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 0.3%.  That ain’t much.  Certainly not worth all the media hype.

But if you don’t read the article and just look at the headlines, then you don’t get to see that that’s a very small increase in risk, if the study is even accurate.

Interestingly enough, the author of the study suggested that it may be nitrites in the sausage and other processed meats.  And ironically, our low carb website has ALWAYS advocated the use of PRESERVATIVE-FREE meats and products.  That’s what I eat and will continue to eat.

Also, I am not sure how they can reduce that study down to the active ingredient being sausage.  Most people that i know eat sausage with pancakes (and lots of syrup) or french toast or biscuits or any number of other high carb foods.  I just don’t see how it’s possible that they can suggest that sausage is the problem. How do we know it’s not a combination issue, like sausage & sugar.  Or whatever.

I’m still going to eat bacon and sausage and I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of it too.  Life is a terminal disease and is far too short not to enjoy it.

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