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Ketones and inflammation

Friday, June 5th, 2015

One of the reasons I like spending time in ketosis is that I notice much LESS inflammation in my body.  And I’ve noticed this consistently over the years.

A recent study I just saw suggests that ketones, specifically beta hydroxy butyrate, reduce inflammation.  Go figure.

Here’s a link to the abstract/study.




Ketone bodies and the brain?

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I found this interesting video online.  And it’s talking about ketone bodies and using medium chain triglycerides for brain fuel.

Ketones are produced when your body converts fat instead of sugar for fuel.  With a regular American diet, sugar and carbohydrates are the main ingredient.  And so your body just runs on sugar all the time primarily.  But when you deplete your body from sugar / carbohydrates for several days in a row through a low carb / ketogenic diet, your body begins to switch over and burn fat as it’s primary fuel source.  And ketone bodies are produced during ketosis.  Your brain then uses those ketones for fuel (as well as excrete them through urine).

So they were suggesting (and obviously more studies would be needed) that you can readily increase your ketone bodies by taking 20g or more of MCT (medium chain triglycerides).  This would be a couple of tablespoons worth.  And they went on to suggest taking coconut oil for the medium chain triglycerides as the source.

For me, I like how I feel mentally when I am in ketosis.  Things seem clearer, I get more work done, there is less fogginess.  And so I use a low carb diet not only for weight loss, but because I like the clarity.  I haven’t tried coconut oil lately (I don’t care too much for the taste), although there are medium chain triglycerides in the Udo’s oil blend I take.  But perhaps I’ll start with a teaspoon and see if I notice anything.

Now I wonder if supplementing with a little coconut oil during the first week of starting a low carb diet and transitioning into ketosis would help alleviate some of the difficulty some people have when first starting.  I have noticed that personally.  But after the first week to ten days, things start just getting better and better as my body gets used to being ketosis.