Getting off the low fat wagon

Slowly but surely, people are figuring out that eating fat doesn’t make us fat.  Fat helps us to feel full and satisfied.  In an interesting article on skim milk, the author points out some studies indicating that reducing fat intake isn’t all that effective.

There is still a knee-jerk reaction to fat.   In the last couple decades the slogan has been ‘low-fat’ everything.  And in general, people aren’t any less fat now than they were 20 years ago.  Sure skim milk has about half the calories of whole milk, but the studies are showing that people just compensate for those calories sometime during the day.

I’ve seriosly tried low-fat, low-calorie diets and really struggled with them.  You think low carb is hard?  It’s a breeze compared to the other options, because you get to eat fat (which your body needs) and makes you feel full and happy.

These days, I never buy low-fat anything, unless it’s cottage cheese where I plan on adding more flax oil (100% fat).  I want the full fat versions of everything.  Meat, cheese, dairy.  And I’ve only lost 76 pounds eating full fat vs low fat.

Choose to eat low fat?  No thanks, maybe next time.


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