No link between saturated fat and heart attacks or stroke?

In a recent study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 21 previous studies were examined and researchers could not find a link between saturated fat intake and an increase in heart attacks or strokes.

The old dogma of ‘saturated fat is bad for you’ seems to becoming less and less on an issue.  And actually entirely false.  The researchers in this study could not any evidence to suggest that a diet in lower saturated fat resulted in fewer heart attacks or strokes.

Perhaps the real issue is not saturated fat at all.  The studies showing a Western diet is ‘bad’ for us is clearly evident, even for us non-scientists.  But perhaps the focus on saturated fat being the problem is just plain wrong.  What if it were really refined carbohydrates, sugar, corn syrup and the copious quantities in which they are added to all the processed foods Americans eat?

Personally I believe there is no one diet that fits all.  Every body is different.  I also believe that many of these studies that spread fear and doom & gloom based on ‘may cause’ or ‘potential link’ are not helpful at all.  I suspect the guilt induced by spreading concepts like ‘eating saturated fat is bad for you’ is far worse than eating the saturated fat.

For me, I feel better eating protein, fats (animal and vegetable) and lots of vegetables.  With little to no refined carbohydrates, no preservatives and little to no dairy.   Seems to be working for me and only took me decades to figure out what’s working for my body.  Better late than never I guess.

So what’s for breakfast?  This morning it’s a 3 egg omelet with sausage and spinach.

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