Scrambled Eggs

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2 – 3 Eggs
1 Tblsp Butter
Salt & Pepper
2 - 3 Slices of Bacon


In a skillet (I use non-stick) over medium-low heat, add half the butter and allow to melt.

In a bowl, crack eggs and add to the bowl.  Add salt and pepper.

With the other half of the butter, dice the butter into little cubes.  And those cubes to the egg mixture in the bowl

With a whisk or fork, mix the eggs well.  You can’t overbeat the eggs.  The more you whisk the more uniform texture you’ll get

Pour eggs into skillet and with a spoon, stir the eggs until they begin to set.  Allow to them to be just short of done, and then cover and remove from heat and let steam for a couple minutes covered.

Difficulty : Easy
Makes: 1 serving
Cartbs per serving : 0g of carbs

Notes: By cutting in butter to the eggs, you’ll get creamier scrambled eggs.  And allowing to cook over low to medium low heat helps too.  It might take a little practice to get the right consistency, but this is a staple for me and I’ve lost a lot of weight eating eggs and butter.

At this point, the eggs are just a blank canvas.  You could add cheese, chives, onions, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, veggies, salsa. to the scramble mix for variety.




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