3 Keys to Making Low Carb Work

Having lost a bunch of weight eating low carb, I realized there are 3 keys to low carb success.

1) Preparation 

In order to eat low carb, you have to do a little planning.  Make sure you’re stocked with the right veggies, good protein, snacks and some kind of low carb meal plan.  Planning your meals is a constructive strategy vs waiting at the last moment. 

I plan ahead about 2 – 3 days at a time.  A week is too long for me.  So I shop a couple times per week at the grocery store.  In many European countries, people shop every day at the markets.  But for me, this helps keep perishable items fresher and prevents spoilage and loss of food. 

Some other keys to preparation are having a handful of good ‘goto’ recipes.  And planning things like leftovers, or what to have for lunch when you don’t feel like cooking.  Also being prepared includes knowledge.  Knowing which foods are low carb and which aren’t.  Choosing good low carb recipes will help you stay on track.

The other thing that helps to be successful on low carb is having snacks around.  If you get hungry and you’re in between meals, eat a low carb snack.  Just make sure you have snacks in your house or at work to help you out. 

2) Focus

Invariably I hear from my friends and family all the reasons why they can’t do low carb.  And the #1 reason?  They can’t give up carbs.  See, to me, that’s the wrong focus.  It’s not about what you are giving up.  If you think about what you are giving up on a consistent basis, then low carb will be much more difficult for you.  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

I think a better focus would be to look at all the things you get to eat.  And focus on what you CAN eat.  And there is no lack really.  In fact, I am now eating a broader range of foods than ever before.  There are countless combinations of fat, veggies, dairy, and protein.  It’s simply different than the way you have been eating lately.  In order to get different results, you will need to change some things.   

3) Measuring Results

There are many ways to measure low carb results.  Consistent weight loss being one of them.  Use your scale.  You’ll see the results, if you are eating low carb correctly.  Another way to measure results is if you have a body fat % scale option.  Granted you’ll lose lbs. faster than % of body fat, but when you see you’re body fat % dropping, that’s always a good time. 

Another way is using ketostix.  I like using ketostix the first couple weeks to help make sure I stay on track.  Ketostix are little test strips that you can use to measure if you are in ketosis.  Do low carb long enough and you’ll get into ketosis and start burning fat more consistently.

 But there is another way to measure that too without buying ketostix.  And that’s with your scale.  Measure your weight daily.  And if you gain weight, then what you ate the day before was too many carbs.  If you eat too many carbs, you’re body retains water.  And that weight shows up on your scale quickly.  So you can use your scale to help calibrate if you are doing low carb well.

Another way of measuring results is with a tape measure.  WIth low carb, you’ll start losing measurable inches.

Why measure results anyway?  Because nothing breeds success like success.  When you start losing weight and feeling better on low carb, that’s simply clear motivation to do more of it.

So those are my top 3 keys to making low carb successful.  I would imagine they would be compatible with any diet plan for that matter (except the ketositx).

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