5 Low Carb Superbowl Recipes – Perfect for Snacking

One of the most watched sporting events on the planet where even the commercials are one of the highlights of the game.  The usual Superbowl snack favorites generally include potato chips, soft drinks, pizza, beer, nachos, etc.  But if you or your party guests are trying to eat low carb, then the choices might be slim picking.  Here’s a handful of simple and easy to make low carb Superbowl ideas that you could try…

1) Baked Wings– Place celery and chopped onion in the bottom of a baking dish.  Top with wings seasoned with chili powder, garlic salt and pepper with a drizzle of oil and bake for an hour at 375 or until internal temp is 165 – 175.  For a low carb dipping sauce, try a blend of hot sauce, butter, garlic powder and salt and pepper.  Serve with blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery sticks.  Carbs would about 3g per serving (or about 10 wings).

2) Bacon, Cheese & Pickle Appetizer – In honor of a Wisconsin team in the Superbowl, try a simple appetizer of bacon, cheese and a dill pickle.  Skewer with a toothpick for bite sized pieces.  I generally try to buy preservative free bacon.  And try different cheese, a white Wisconsin cheddar, or a smoked Gouda or a mild but buttery Havarti cheese.  Carbs per serving <1g of carbs.

3) Mexican Cauliflower Dips– Steam cauliflower florets until slightly firm (but not fall apart soft).  In a skillet, cook ground sausage (like a chorizo sausage) and then add a shredded Mexican cheese blend with a little garlic powder and allow to melt.  Place cauliflower onto plate and spoon mixture over the cauliflower and stick a toothpick into them for easy handling.  Serve with a salsa and/or sour cream.  Carbs per floret ~1g of net carbs.

4) Italian Margarita Sticks– Take a Mozzarella stick and cut into bite sized pieces.  Do the same for a tomato (cut into quarters – you could seed the tomato first by cutting it into half and squeezing out the tomato seeds & extra water).  You’ll also need some fresh basil leaves and prosciutto (thinly sliced Italian ham) slices.  On an appetizer skewer or toothpick, add the prosciutto, basil, tomato and mozzarella cube.  On the plate, drizzle with balsamic vinegar or place in a bowl for dipping.  Carbs per stick ~1g of carbs.

5) All American Burger Bites– Make cheeseburgers and cut into quarters. Again, onto a skewer or toothpick add a small piece of tomato, a pickle, lettuce and a drizzle of mustard and mayo.  A bit messy, but hard to go wrong with.  Carbs per toothpick ~1-2g of carbs.

That should give you some ideas.  They even have All Pro Football Party Picks that are themed inspired (plastic sticks with little footballs on top instead of regular toothpicks) if you were so inclined.  A little over the top maybe, but it is the super bowl after all.

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