5 really bad reasons why low carb doesn’t work? Huh?

I saw this article on Yahoo Health the other day with a title of “5 reasons why low carb doesn’t work”.  And they even generalized the whole thing and said why ALL of the different low carb approaches don’t work.

Now that’s hilarious to me.  It’s one of those things that you see that you just know is plain wrong.  It’d be damn hard to convince me that low carb doesn’t work.  I’ve only lost 51 lbs in the last 4 months alone.  And I feel better emotionally.  So clearly low carb does work and it works well.  Perhaps this author was motivated by some other reason, who knows.  Apparently they’ve missed the recent studies that show that low is safe and it does work.

But here’s the 5 ridiculously bad reasons they listed.

1) Low carb diets make you feel sad and depressed?  Hmmmm….that’s news to me.  I actually feel mentally healthier eating low carb.  Eating low carb vs high carb – no comparison, I feel better eating low carb.  My energy level is higher, my house is cleaner, my kitchen is cleaner, my blood sugar levels are stable, I get more work done and I’m MUCH HAPPIER ON LOW CARB.    Even my work clients have commented on how much happier I am.  Now as your body begins to switch from burning sugar to fat, then you might feel a little down or irritable in the beginning.  But that goes away after the first week or so.  And then for me, I feel much better eating low carb in general.

2) Low carb diets make you fatter?  Really??  In their article they tried to link the depression from reason #1 and then that causes a release of cortisol, a stress hormone??   Well, uh, I’ve lost 51 lbs so far.  Not to mention 8 inches off my stomach.  So clearly low carb doesn’t make you fatter, and if you’re feeling better emotionally eating low carb, then the #2 reason is just dead wrong.

3) Low carb is not sustainable.  Yes, it can be.  It’s a choice.  Anything can be sustainable if you want it to be.  The question is, how much weight do you need to lose?  I do ultra low carb to lose weight.  Then I will eat low to medium carbs to sustain.  How about I tell you something else that’s sustainable – like obesity is sustainable.  If it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be so rampant in our community.  And if you want to change that, you will need to change your diet or start exercising like a professional athlete for hours on end on a daily basis.  Sustainability is a really a skill of creating healthy habits mixed with consistent effort.

4) Low carb bloats your belly?  Uh that’s just total BS.   Lots of carbs will bloat your belly.  Sugar bloats your belly.  Low carb doesn’t.  Low carb reduces belly fat and quickly I might add.  Now their rationale for this was that low carb can cause constipation.  News flash here.  Low FAT diets can cause constipation.  The Standard American Diet can cause constipation.  So while this can be true, especially initially, once your body gets used to low carb, then it’s just not a problem.  Plus, I would speculate that the people struggling with constipation on low carb or any eating pattern are not eating enough veggies, not drinking enough water, not exercising and/or not consuming the right kind of fats.  I’ve actually done low carb for months at a time and constipation is just not an issue if you do low carb well.


5) Low carb makes you feel deprived?  In a really bad study quoted, they said that women after 3 days on low carb felt deprived.  3 days?  Gimme a break.  It takes a week  for your body to start adjusting to low carb.  The cravings people have for carbs during the first week are similar to an addiction withdrawal response.  But I can tell you honestly after the first week to 10 days on low carb, those cravings go away and then gladly you’re not victim to low blood sugar patterns that cause you to crave your next sugar or coffee fix.  I don’t feel deprived eating low carb, in fact I feel better as a whole.

So here’s the thing.  Low carb works for me.  But I do it very well.  I eat veggies with each meal, I eat healthy fats daily, and I have great recipes and procedures in place that make it easy for me to follow and sustain.  And ultimately the proof is in the pork chops, cause I’ve lost a bunch of weight and feel so much better on low carb it’s not even funny, in fact it’s hilarious.  Nothing motivates like success.

And articles against low carb like the one mentioned above  just crack me up.  Because I have been extremely successful on a low carb diet.  It has simply worked better than anything else I have ever tried.  Including the many brand name diets out there.

Every person and every body is different.  Some people might not do well with low carb.  It’s really about biochemistry and how your body responds to carbohydrates.  If you’re thin and happy (which are not necessarily synonymous), then great.  If you’re overweight, lethargic, mentally cloudy, then you might want to make some changes.  But for me, I am so grateful I found something that works so well.

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  1. avatar Suzanne says:

    I completely agree with you and what you said in this article. Just got back from a cruise where I was with non low carbers and I felt lethargic and all I wanted to do after dinner was crawl in bed and read.
    No question about it,..sticking with low carb is good for body AND soul.
    Enjoyed your aritcle.

  2. avatar Robert says:

    Recently someone left me a hostile comment about how I didn’t understand how scientific studies were done and that i should stop using personal anecdotes in my site.

    This is funny to me. Mostly because, that’s what my site is about – My own opinions, experiences, succesess and failures of eating a low carb diet. And I am not about to STOP. I pretty much ate an ultra low carb diet for an entire year. ANd it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

    In fact, I could really care less about scientific studies. Most of them are crap, in my opinion. Especially dietary ones. And the studies quoted in the angry comment were almost a decade old. And the most recent one (2010 from Temple School of Medicine) that I found was funded by the NIH and stated that eating a low carb diet was safe and had FAVORABLE changes in cardiovascaular disease risk factors. People lost weight eating low carb, their blood pressure dropped, and their liver function improved. That doesn’t sound very harmful to me???

    I honestly don’t care about ‘scientific’ studies. I care about what works. And more specifically what works for me. Every person is different. Low carb might not be right for you. I don’t think everyone has to go into ketosis to lose weight. It’s just how I prefer to eat to lose weight.

    And so I reiterate, this site is about my own tried and tested experinces eating low carb. I know it works. I have watched it worked. It has worked BETTER than anything else I have tried, including vegetarianism, veganism, ww, low fat, and even a so called healthy diet with lots of whole grains. Which, by the way, is DISASTEROUS for people with gluten problems.

    I have lived long enough to appreciate that I value people’s experience about what actually works MORE SO than scientific theory. I think more harm has been done by ‘scientific theories’ than I care to discuss at the moment.

    There isn’t a person on the planet who could convince me that a low carb diet (< 100 g of carbs per day) isn't the best way to eat for my body. And I can't even begin to imagine how harmful roasted chicken with broccoli and steamed spinach for dinner could possibly be. Seriously.

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