A Low Carb Diet Plan

I finally finished putting up an example of my first week of a low carb diet plan.  It’s a whole weeks worth of low carb recipes and snack suggestions.

For the first week or two in particular, I keep the recipes very basic and simple to make.  And the entire goal of the first week menu plan is to wean the body away from excessive carbs which will eventually place the body into ketosis (or serious fat burning mode)

After the first week or two, then I get more elaborate with recipes and add a couple more carbs to the recipes.  But not enough carbs to kick the body out of ketosis.  The whole goal of a low carb diet for weight loss is to get into and stay in ketosis.  For those that don’t know, ketosis is when you keep the carb intake low enough that your body starts to burn fat as fuel primarily rather than sugar.  And being in ketosis for several weeks to several months will result in a reduction of body fat over time.

Also, people will lose a noticeable amount of weight in the first week or two.  However, the majority of that is just water weight.  In order to get the most out of a low carb diet, then you should plan on doing it for at least 2 – 3 months.  The longer you can go and stay in ketosis the better for weight loss.  And all the most up to date research says that low carb is not only safe, but has health benefits (like better cholesterol levels, better liver function, etc.).  Check with a healthcare provider before embarking on anything like this.

It’ll take about a month of eating low carb consistently for your body to fully adjust to a low carb diet.  Personally I notice several benefits of eating low carb besides weight loss, like better energy levels, better sleep, wake up earlier, better circulation, better attitude, etc.

And on top of that, I find a low carb diet satisfying to eat thanks to the fat content.  So with low carb, fat isn’t a bad word and you can lose fat by eating fat.  And fat equals flavor, so it’s all good.

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