Adding more carbs

My weight loss phase has been to eat under 30 grams of carbs per day.  I go for 8 – 10 weeks at a time, then take a week off and eat whatever I want to, then resume the low carb plan.  I’ve lost about 70 lbs in the last 6 months eating this way.  Luckily, I don’t have much more weight left to lose.  In fact, someone mentioned yesterday that I looked fine and didn’t need to lose any more weight.  Ah, that’s nice.

So I really have been thinking about the next phase.  Exactly what to eat after eating extremely low carb??  And I’ve decided to try 70 grams or less of carbs per day as the next phase.  Now we’ll see if that’s going to be productive.  Admittedly I do like the clarity of eating extremely low carb and the ease of knowing what to eat and how much.  It’s pretty simple.

Adding more carbs to my diet at this point can get quite complex not only mathematically but recipe-wise.  How many grams of carbs are in a cup of rice?  Or a a piece of wheat toast?  Do I even add back grains at all?  Or do I stick with the Paleo plan?  Choices, choices and decisions to make.

Here’s what I’ve decided – I am going gluten free as much as possible (no wheat and no flour).  I’m also avoiding dairy (thanks to casein) and no sweetened drinks are on the plan (no juices, no sodas).  What does that leave?

I plan on eating meats, fats, fruit, rice and vegetables.  With zero restrictions on the type of veggies, except potatoes.  1 medium potato has 65 grams of carbs.  That’d be my carb intake for an entire day.

So here’s the daily plan for a modified, but still a low carb lifestyle:

Breakfast – Less than 10g of carbs
Lunch – Less than 50 grams of carbs
Dinner – Less than 10 grams of carbs

A sample menu looks like :

Breakfast : 3 Egg Spinach & Ham Omelet (2 grams of carbs)
Lunch : Tuna Salad and an apple & carrots (32 grams of carbs)
Dinner :  Chicken Fajitas with bell peppers & onions ( 20 grams of carbs)

Daily total carbs : 54 grams of carbs

Exceptions? I plan on eating out once or twice per week and won’t limit my choices as such.  So sushi, thai and chinese are still on the menu.  I don’t drink alcohol so that’s not an issue, but could easily fit into a 70 grams or less menu plan.

Ok, so that’s my new low carb plan.  Starting on Monday, I’ll be following this plan for the next 2 weeks.  And we’ll see if it measures up.  If I can maintain or even drop a couple more pounds then it’ll be a success, if I gain weight, then back to the drawing board and the real test will be to see how I feel.

The fun part will be creating recipes and figuring out the less than 70 grams option.

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