Carbs in common snack foods

Most commercially made snack foods are essentially just empty calories.  The only real benefit is any emotional / sugarholic cravings that they might satisfy.

But most are incredibly high in carbs.  And when you are making an effort to go low carb, these snacks just aren’t on the menu.  So let’s a take a quick look at some of the carb counts for common snacks.  For reference, I am currently around 20 – 25g of carbs per DAY.  Not per snack.

  • Candy Bar (2 oz) – 32g of carbs
  • Potato Chips (2 oz) – 28g of carbs
  • Caramel corn (1 cup) – 31g of carbs
  • Pizza (1 slice) – 20g of carbs
  • Donut (1 donut) – 38g of carbs
  • Can of 16 oz cola – 48g of carbs
  • Chocolate ice cream – 39g of carbs
  • Fig bars (3 cookies) – 34g of carbs

So there are alot of snacks that are loaded in sugar and consequently carbs.  And many of them in just one serving are more carbs than I eat in a whole day.  But there are some other options…

For example:

  • Almonds (24 of them) – 2.3g of carbs
  • Pecans (10 pecans) – 1.2g of carbs
  • Mozzarella stick –  1g of carbs
  • Celery with cream cheese – 1.5g per stick
  • 1 square of 70% dark chocolate – 3g of carbs

When snacking low carb, you typically want something that has a decent fat content.  By mixing protein with fats, you’ll slow the absorption of carbs and the entire meal, which helps.  The thing I have noticed about snacking is that you don’t need to eat alot to be satisfied.  And if you’re doing low carb a small snack can take away any hunger pretty quickly.  My own personal favorite is a mozzarella stick and a piece of bacon.

On the more decadent side, I once tried bacon dipped in queso sauce, it was delicious.  But not something I would do frequently.  And I should add that I buy and use preservative free bacon, which I think is a good idea when eating your fair share.

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