Cholesterol drops 40 points eating saturated fat??

How can this be? All the so called ‘experts’ (especially the vegetarian ones) will tell you that eating saturated fat will raise your cholesterol. That just didn’t happen in my case. And I have the blood tests to prove it.

My total cholesterol is now below 200. I dropped it 40 points eating eggs, bacon, steak, seafood, pork, chicken, lamb, beef, etc. I also eat vegetables and some additional fat (like coconut oil, olive oil and/or the dreaded canola oil – albeit ALL organic and not chemically extracted) with each meal.

Now I have nothing against vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for 5 years and a vegan for one year. But I truly never felt worse in my life. I had serious blood sugar issues from reactive hypoglycemia. And for me a breakfast of oatmeal and some blueberries is STILL a recipe for total disaster. I know I’ve tested this FREQUENTLY over the last 25 years.

Personally, I think there a couple of optimal dietary options. You can choose the grazing diet (low fat / high carb vegetarian/vegan), the moderation diet (like the Mediterranean or Zone 40/30/30 diet) or you can choose the caveman / paleo / low carb keto diet. I’ve tried all 3. Many times. And with a totally OCD, rigid compliance.

The diet I eat today is the dairy free ketogenic / low carb diet of protein, vegetables and fat with each meal. My total cholesterol has dropped by 40 points (under 200), my insulin has dropped by 40% and my testosterone has increased about 40%.

Low carb stabilizes my blood sugar and insulin levels and the compliance issue is pretty good. It’s just not that hard to eat eggs and sausage for breakfast and especially knowing that it actually stabilizes and prevents blood sugar crashes an hour or two later.

To me, the major issue with vegetarianism and reactive hypoglycemia is that you have to eat like every 2-3 hours or it’s really not good. It’s like being on a blood sugar roller coaster. But with keto, I can EASILY go 7-8 hours without eating without blood sugar issues. This is a MAJOR bonus for me. Not to mention, I’m rarely hungry in general eating nutrient dense food like protein, veggies and fat. Also things like intermittent fasting (not eating for like 16 – 36 hours) is pretty easy on a ketogenic diet.

Lastly the vegetarian experts have suggested that eating meat increases inflammation. I’ve found that eliminating dairy and eating a ketogenic diet has actually LOWERED my joint inflammation (from multiple back surgeries) and improved my mobility quite dramatically. The ketone body BHB (betahydroxybutyrate) has been shown to quite anti-inflammatory all by itself.

To me, I think the major current dietary problem is combining high fat with high carb. And then worse high omega 6, altered fats with refined sugar / processed carbs. Like most fast food. Or most of the pre-packaged shelf-stable food. If something doesn’t go bad in a short period of time, then I typically don’t buy it in the first place.

So ultimately, people need to find what is right for their body. Some people do great with vegetarianism, or the Zone, or Paleo. But check in. Utilize blood tests, get educated, try stuff out. It’s worth figuring out.

At this point, for me, that’s still a dairy free ketogenic diet.

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