Dairy Free Low Carb / Keto

For the past several months, I managed to eliminate dairy. Finally. And it’s had a PROFOUND impact on my life and well-being. My breathing is better, my sleep quality (due to better breathing) has improved and I’ve had no sinus infections at all since letting go of dairy. These were all significant personal issues. I was averaging 2-3 nasty sinus infections per year, which would end up with me on antibiotics. Not good.

I now STILL eat protein, veggies and fat with each meal. But just with no butter, no cheese, no milk, no ghee, no dairy. And I am doing much better. And it hasn’t been that big of deal to change. Just took me 40 years to do it.

To substitute the dairy, I’ve added coconut milk (for creaminess) and more coconut oil (instead of butter). But have pretty much just gotten used to not eating dairy with every meal at this point. It’s worth the health trade off for me and my body.

There are other cultures that don’t eat a lot of dairy, like the Chinese. So it’s not really that much of an oddity. I don’t know if it’s a pasteurization issue, or what, but dairy was causing me serous and chronic problems. And it wasn’t until I stopped eating it completely that I figured it out and felt better. Thankfully.

Some people can handle dairy, and to them a low carb / ketogenic diet would be almost sinful, certainly decadent. Hats off to those that can eat dairy. I for one, can’t. It’s just not worth it.

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