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Just made a sample Low Carb Diet Guide which can be found online here.  It’s the exact same plan I have used to lose 74 pounds in the last 7 months.  So clearly low carb works, hence the name of the site.

For some people, it’s kind of confusing knowing what to eat and what not to eat when it comes to low carb.  I’ve found that just by eating protein, fat, and veggies at each meal, I not only felt better but the weight flew off.

I created this guide primarily to just help remind me of what to eat and how I should be eating.  This site is a journal of my own experience with eating low carb for years now.

Low carb is a very popular diet choice for many people. Our addiction and dependence on refined carbs and sugar seems to be at an all time high in this country.  Obesity is still gaining in popularity.  And our high-tech low movement lifestyle has probably caught up with more than a few of us.

Hence this guide.  I thought I’d just share my thoughts and experiences with low carb online.  Maybe someone else out there will identify or relate to the experience.  Who knows.

Of course, I do recommend the Atkins books and information.  And most of the Paleo stuff.  Which has become a trendy phrase as of late, but really most Paleo is just LOW CARB without the dairy.  Just so you know.  There are some exceptions, but that’s the gist of it.

With this site, if you are attracted to the Paleo lifestyle (not a bad choice), then could just leave out the dairy in the low carb recipes on this site, and replace the butter with lard (or bacon fat) and / or coconut oil / cream.  And that’d put you pretty close to the Paleo realm.

Also this site mainly refers to low carb as a ketogenic diet.  I just feel better in ketosis as a whole.  More energy, less weight, clearer thinking, easier focus, much better sleep, etc.   Ketosis essentially means very low carb.

And lastly, the more I eat low carb, the more fat I include in my meals.  Especially saturated fat.  Sometimes up to 70-80 percent fat overall.  And yet I still lose weight?  And feel great?  Yep.  Kinda puts conventional wisdom to shame really.  I wonder why?

What you eat is up to you.  I’ve posted a sample menu that I’ve actually eaten and some low carb recipes.  Of course over the years, I’ve developed a ton more recipes, some of them ‘amazingly’ good, and if I get the chance I’ll post them when I can.

Enjoy!  And good luck on whatever dietary choice you decide is right for your body.

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  1. avatar Meetingplan2 says:

    I am so grateful to find your blog today…I made the decision to go low carb about 2 months ago and LOVE it…I agree…I feel SO much better and happier. My house is more organized and I sleep all through the night…before I was moody and a mess. Over the Easter weekend I not only fell off the low-carb wagon, I was dragged down the street by wild horses. Your blog which is so informative and so well written gave me a real confidence boost…after spending 42 years eating what I want and not treating my body well, the low carb life is what I do to reward my body for all the years of service and add to many more. Again, thanks for the support and WONDERFUL information…

  2. avatar Robert says:

    That’s hilarious! Dragged by wild horses -Holidays can do that 🙂

    You know what they say…if you fall off a horse….

    I hear you though, I’ve been eating whatever I wanted for the last decade. Didn’t work out so well, but now looks like we are both back on the low carb track.

    Thx for the comment!

  3. avatar Kristy says:

    i really like this site, I just started a low carb diet a few days ago. This site will help me with motivation and ideas! i feel lighter and have more energy already! Looking forward to reading your older blog posts and new ones! thank you

  4. avatar Krely says:

    thanks for all this information. i have lost 40 pounds eating less, eating healthier and doing exercise ,but i stopped losing weight 2 months ago and i need to lose 40 pounds more and now i know how i’ll lose it with all the information that you gave me. Thank you and i just started today.

  5. avatar Toni says:

    I really enjoy reading your site. I did low carb years ago and lost quite a bit of weight, then got pregnant and returned to my carb-rich lifestyle. Along with that came a ton of weight that made me exhausted all of the time. Anyway, I’m back to reclaiming my health and to the low-carb lifestyle. At times it’s difficult as I love bread, pasta and rice. I’m a sucker for a good piece of carrot cake or hot fudge brownie with vanilla icecream, but I’m learning to trade my cravings for the joy of weight loss. There are times when I really want something sweet however. If I eat low-carb dessert bars/candies like Atkins or Russell Stovers, I find that my weight loss really slows almost to a hault, even though I try not to over do it. Sometimes I will simply give in to a piece of higher carb fruit, like an apple or several strawberries, perhaps even some pineapple, and the weight will still come off. So I have mixed emotions about including fruit in my low carb diet or not. It does kick me out of ketosis when I consume fruit, but the scale still moves. Conversely, there have been periods where I have been in ketosis for weeks and yet the scale never moves. I would love to hear of other people’s experiences with this type of thing.

    By the way, I really appreciate the recipes. Sharing low-carb recipes has really kept me from a total spiral back into the sugar world!

    • avatar Robert says:

      I hear ya about the fruit thing. Fruit is being villainized these days in the low carb world, in particular fructose. But, personally, I don’t have a problem with it in small doses. Eaten in it’s whole form, there’s enough fiber to slow down absorption. I think the problem comes into quantity and concentration. When you take high-fructose corn syrup and add a lot of it to practically every processed food, then that becomes an issue. Or when you drink you a glass of juice that has 47 grams of sugar in it, that’s a lot of sugar (12 packets)!! But eating a half an apple or eating a handful or two of blueberries, especially if you can do that and still lose weight? I’m all for it. Ketosis or not.

      For me, it becomes a question of…Does eating the fruit cause me to crave more sugar for the next meal? And it also depends on my goal, I still think for weight loss, ketosis is the way to go. I don’t even crave sugar while in ketosis, and a small amount of fruit (berries, grapefruit, lemons) thankfully doesn’t kick me out of ketosis.

  6. avatar Toni says:

    Good point about craving more sugar in the next meal. That usually happens with the low carb bars and candy. I can usually calm that craving with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I know there is some sugar in PB, but there is a reasonable bit of protein and fiber to prevents the spikes in blood sugar. I would love to find some without added sugar, but I haven’t been able to so far. The “natural” PB that requires you to stir the jar before eating is disgusting to me. Managing portion sizes to not take in too many carbs and kick me out of the fat burning are a challenge to me. I’m hoping to find the right balance soon as I have a lot more weight to lose. I don’t seem to experience the rapid weight loss that others do. It seems I’m closer to around 1 lb per week. I know I’m moving in the right direction, but still, it’s a little disheartening when you have so far to go.

    • avatar Robert says:

      Yeah, I don’t like stirring the natural peanut butter either. But, once stirred and refrigerated, it seems to hold it’s form. I’ve been eating a spoonful here and there over the last few weeks. And it does have less sugar (along with almond butter). Sometimes I even combine it with half a square of 86% dark chocolate (Lindens). About 5 carbs for the whole snack. It’s a fine line to walk though (can I eat only one spoonful?).

      Plus losing a pound per week is still better than gaining a pound per week 🙂

      I’ve been playing around with this quite a bit over the last year. And exercise alone doesn’t do it for me. I can hold my weight (for the most part) with exercise (and eat whatever), but I need to eat low carb AND exercise to lose weight. When I first started, I just walked 30 minutes a day along with low carb and the weight flew off. Now i’m up to about 70 minutes of walking every other day in the park (4 miles) and about every 3rd day I do calisthenics (push-ups, situps, and basic dumbells at home). I genuinely do feel better weighing less and being more active.

    • avatar Jessica says:

      You should try almond butter. it usually has sugar in it, but way less than peanut butter and tastes great. They also have it in a chocolate version that is wonderful – and still has enough fiber to offset the carbs and fit into my diet. Give it a try and good luck!

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