Exercise and weight loss

So it never ceases to amaze me that people are still talking about calories burned during exercise as a measure or prelude to weight loss.

For example, a 20 minute walk will burn roughly 100 calories.  So you can eat that extra tablespoon of butter right?

Well, according to ‘doctors’ at well established schools, they say you’ll need to exercise more rigorously to lose weight than just walking.  And that there are also physiological mechanisms in place?  And that will power is not enough?  Hey, according to these same scientists at ivy league colleges, it’s all genetic anyway.

But really?  In real life?  Not in a lab?  Still?

To me those types of generalized conclusions are complete & total BS.  If you’re not careful, you might even believe them.  But look, here’s my own personal experience.

I have lost 51 lbs in the last 13 weeks.  And I walk about 4 – 5 per week for about 45 minutes.  I eat low carb.  Go figure.  I guess the studies aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  Truth of the matter is that with the right diet & exercise for you – it just isn’t that hard to do.

I wonder if any of those studies that came to these broad-based conclusions about human beings in general were based on a low carb diet?  What if they were wrong?  What if losing weight was easy and you didn’t have to run a marathon every day to do it?

Here’s what I think they are overlooking.

1) Ketosis – using the body’s natural ability to primarily burn fat as energy instead of sugar. A lot of those studies are based on low fat diets, which is a totally different animal.

2) It’s just not how many calories you burn in the duration of exercising.  It’s way more than 100 calories in 20 minutes.  How so?  By exercising a few times a week, you’re building muscle which over the course of a day or a week or a month will help burn more fat.  It can help improve metabolism over time.  I walk 45 minutes per day 3 – 5x per week.  I’ve lost 51 lbs in 13 weeks doing low carb and walking.  So if I were only burning 150 – 200 calories a day by walking that wouldn’t make up for my caloric intake.

3) It’s the whole that matters.  Instead of breaking things down into pieces, maybe looking at the whole human being might be helpful.  Each human is unique.

So just be careful and mindful about the silliness of many of the so called ‘studies’ by smart people.  They might be jumping to false conclusions based on not wide enough scope of study.

How about instead of a belief system that says “Weight loss is hard”, you have a new one instead like – “Weight loss is easy and fun”.  Hmmm….that might even get totally different results.

Here’s my thing – Find something that works for you and do more of it consistently over time.

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