Fattest country in the world?

This video by ABC news shows that a little tiny island nation in the South Pacific is technically the fattest country in the world.

With a population of around 10,000, the people of the Republic of Nauru have recently adopted a Western diet and are now more obese than ever.  95% of those folks are overweight and half of them have Type 2 Diabetes, which causes significant health problems.  According to the newscast, back here in the United States, 1 in 10 people have Type 2 Diabetes, which is thought to be preventable. 

Apparently back in the 1980’s the country of Nauru started seriously importing processed and fried foods.  They switched from grilled fish to fried potatoes.  They started drinking sugar laden drinks, like sweetened coffee and sodas.  And consequently they started getting fatter.

It really should come to no surprise that the food we eat plays a role in our health.  Processed foods are not a healthy choice.  Eating refined sugar on a daily basis is clearly not a good idea and I don’t think artificial sweeteners are much better.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a genetic predisposition for handling sugar and fried foods, then consider yourself blessed.  As for the rest of us, just because there are now more food choices than ever, that doesn’t mean we should be eating them just because they are more convenient and taste ‘better’.  There are real consequences to the food choices we make.

Giving yourself the green light to eat whatever you crave in unlimited amounts on a daily basis is a seriously bad strategy.  Trust me, I know.  Even if that may be exactly what the food manufacturers want us to eat. 

Since we are constantly being bombarded with food commercials on TV and print, it’s no wonder people are not making healthier choices.  And speaking of television, just watching most TV chefs isn’t helping, because they care more about flavor than health.  People are so emotionally addicted to the flour, sugar, salt and fat combos, it seems literally like a crack epidemic.

Having just recently lost over 50 lbs, I can tell you it’s not the weight loss that made me feel better.  It’s the diet I started eating to lose weight that made me feel better.  I lowered my carbs significantly and I cut out sugar, processed foods, fast food, deep fried foods and added more vegetables and now I feel better.  Go figure.  Could it really be as simple as that?  I think so.

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