Fun, New Low Carb Items To Try This Week

This week, I bought some stuff I’ve never tried before.  And am looking forward to it.

    1. coco-mannaCoconut Manna by Nutiva – It’s kinda like a coconut butter, basically.  I think it’s just pulverized coconut meat.  Ran across it at the local health food co-op.  Planning on using a spoonful with some black chai tea and then blend it.  Maybe add some MCT oil (which helps increase ketone levels).   Should be creamy and good, might have to add a little sunflower lecithin to help it emulsify?  Could be whole new obsession.As I am officially off the dairy (so no cream, no butter) and have been all year.  Have noticed much improved breathing and little to no post-nasal drip and/or sinus infections.

      It should be possible to take this and mix it with some peanut butter and/or some shaved dark chocolate and just at eat it plain.

    2. Avocado Mayonnaise – yeah sure, I could probably make my own.  But I also found a non GMO, mostly organic Avocado Mayo at the co-op and wanted to try it.  Unfortunately, most, if not ALL the commercial mayos, even the organic ones are soy and/or canola based.  So we’ll see how the flavor is, cause I do like tuna salad and chicken salad, and don’t want to have to make avocado mayo every time.  This should be a quick, easy, and hopefully healthier option than regular big brand name mayo.
    3. Wild Planet Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil- I always thought of anchovies when hearing the word ‘sardines’.  But sardines are high in omega 3’s (688 mg of DHA), calcium, D, creatine, and B vitamins.  A little tin can has 25 grams of protein.  In fact, I had avoided them like the plague.  But, I opted to try a can of sardines for breakfast (on purpose) and found they went down much easier with a few strips of my favorite Trader Joes preservative-free crispy bacon.  Some people mix the sardines with mustard and a little onion and lemon juice to help them out.  I’d probably try them again, they might be a alternative to eating eggs every morning.
    4. Chocolate Pu-erh tea from Numi – I had ordered Numi’s tea sampler.  And their chocolate pu’erh is delicious.  I might even combine the manna above with some chocolate pu’erh next time.  It’s hard to believe that is zero to no-carbs and quite a tasty beverage.  I also liked their chamomile tea.

    And while sardines or avocado mayo might not exactly be everyone’s idea of ‘fun’, they are, at least, all ultra low carb and paleo friendly.  And hopefully good tasting and good for me.

    Perhaps next ‘new items’ post will be a review of the Vanilla Pudding Paleo Protein Bars from the Julian Bakery.  But that might be a mail-order thing.  They are hard to find around here.  So we’ll see.

    If anyone has any other worthwhile low carb items to try, let me know.  There doesn’t seem to be any shortage.

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