Healthier low carb diet choices

Low carb doesn’t have to be all about bacon and butter.  There are other so called ‘healthier’ choices.  It’s widely believed that the lower saturated fat content, the better off you’ll be.  But as with all things, I have seen studies that have shown that the low carb lifestyle saturated fat and all is actually heart healthy.  And one study even said that it can lower cholesterol in the long term.  So perhaps saturated fat isn’t the criminal it’s made out to be, especially when not combined with sugar.

However, there are unanimously approved food choices that even the most grumpy dietitian couldn’t argue with.  For example, wild caught fish.  Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and low in saturated fat, good protein, not to mention extremely low carb, it would seem to make a great food choice.  So by incorporating fish into your diet several times per week, then you’ll be doing well.

Now preparing that fish is totally up to you.  You can really go hog wild and cook it in a lot butter and a little shallot and a splash of wine. That’s definitely tasty for sure.  Hey, if it’s sashimi grade fish, you can even eat it raw.  For legal purposes we aren’t suggesting you do that, but it works for bears and dolphins and even sharks.  Personally I love raw salmon more so than cooked salmon.  And raw salmon leaves all the omega 3’s in perfect working order.  Omega 3’s are easily damaged by light and heat and oxygen.  It has been suggested that freezing your raw sashimi grade salmon will make it safer to eat.  Probably not a bad idea.

What might be some other good choices to add to your weekly low carb routine?  I’d suggest chicken, shrimp, crab meat, lobster, turkey, a wide assortment of green veggies and lots of different fish, like tuna, salmon, halibut, mahi mahi, striped bass, trout, etc.  Heck you could eat a different fish every day of the week if you wanted to.  Also, olive oil and flax oil are apparently heart healthy oils.  So it doesn’t have to be butter or lard 24/7.

Me personally, I still eat a fair amount of red meat.  But the longer I stay on this low carb diet, the more variety I like to choose from and really explore.  There are so many choices.  I also include pork in numerous forms, as well as steaks, and burgers and roasts.  Lamb has had a longtime history of human consumption, which I am starting to eat as well.

A couple of things I haven’t tried yet have been game foods, like venison, duck buffalo, etc.  Mostly cause I am not sure about the source and just exactly how to cook it.  I’ve actually eaten buffalo and it’s just a bit more lean than beef, but still good.

So there are really just a ton of healthy choices for low carb folks.  And a good healthy variety of protein and vegetables seems like a good plan.  My personal advice is to pay attention to your body and listen to the feedback it gives you.  What a novel concept, I think.

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