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I ran across someone saying they were eating meat and cheese as their sole diet.  The bacon and neon cheddar diet.  And yeah, that’s low carb, for sure.  In fact, practically no carb.  And I bet they are losing weight.  I just wonder how well they feel though?  And that’s not nutrient dense enough to be healthy long term.

To me, I think there are much healthier low carb options.  Namely adding more dark green leafy vegetables.  I haven’t seen or heard any negative things about dark green leafy vegetables.  The only real problem with them is that they are bitter tasting and that’s not really such an issue with some good recipes.

Several of the dark green vegetables really need to be cooked for better flavor, texture and absorption.  It’s been suggested, for example, that spinach needs to be cooked to help reduce the oxalic acid content which can be harder on the body to deal with (oxalic acid can prevent the optimal absorption of calcium).  And many dark green vegetables just taste better cooked to me, like kale.

There are also healthier fats you can eat too.  It’s generally recognized that olive oil, in particular extra virgin olive oil is good for you.  But there are other fats that are even better.  Like flax oil, which is extremely high in omega 3’s, but just don’t cook with it.  Coconut oil and sunflower oil are also good choices.  Grape seed is a very good cooking oil, cause it has a higher smoking point.  We’ve probably all heard about the benefits of fish oil.  So eating tuna, salmon, halibut, etc. are good healthy ways of getting low carb foods in your diet. 

Another fat which has gotten a bad rap, but actually has some healthy attributes is butter.  Butter adds tons of enjoyable flavor and it has vitmains A, E, K & D.  It has minerals, like selenium.  Yes it’s high in saturated fat.  But what happens when you eat butter and are in ketosis?  Does that change things?  I think it does.  However, I don’t go crazy with butter and eat a stick a day.  I eat it in moderation with other fats.  And I always use organic butter.

Lastly, besides fat and dark green veggies, I also eat protein of all sorts. Beef, lamb, chicken, fish, nuts, pork, eggs, etc.   I choose preservative free meats, ocean caught fish and preferably grass fed beef and free range chickens.  I always eat free range organic eggs.

I try to make sure that I eat several servings of vegetables per day, along with protein and fat.  And at least one serving of veggies with each meal.  So while I think eating bacon and cheese is technically low carb, I just don’t think you’ll last very long.  There are so many other good healthy low carb choices out there that are actually better for you and give you a broader range of nutritional content.

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