Is low carb more expensive or less expensive?

Veggies are crucial to the low carb lifestyle

For me, low carb is WAY cheaper than how I used to eat.  I used to eat out alot and eat a lot of fast food and for a single person shopping at a grocery store, it costs me about $70 per week for my low carb lifestyle.  That’s pretty inexpensive to me.  And for that $70, I loaded up on chicken, beef, bratwurst, cheese, organic eggs, organic butter, veggies, frozen veggies, bacon, tuna, olive oil, spices, etc.

Considering what I used to average eating fast food and eating out pretty much all the time, I used to spend at least $7 or $8 per meal.  That’s about $630 per month on average on my ‘eat whatever I want plan’.  Compare that to $280 per month eating good low carb foods?  That a no-brainer.  That’s more than a 50% savings.  And month after month that adds up quick.

Now, I will say, I didn’t buy alot of 2″ thick porterhouse steaks last month.  And I also didn’t buy fresh lobster or filet mignon.  But with that extra $350 I am saving each month, I could easily splurge on some serious good eats.  And I do from time to time.  I really like the variety, it keeps things fresh and tasty.

And you know what?  I could have saved a lot more money.  I could have gone regular vs. organic.  I could have bought regular bacon vs preservative free bacon.  But I don’t.  And that’s because when it comes to preservatives, I avoid them as much as possible (except salt as a preservative).  Also I ALWAYS make sure to buy organic butter.  Fat, from what Dr. Udo Erasmus suggested in a lecture I heard him give, is something you buy organic whenever possible.  Something about the pesticides/herbicides being stored in fat.  But easy solution, just buy organic and that should help.

So in short, I think low carb is totally economical, affordable and an excellent health choice.  What’s not to love?  You’re cutting out white sugar and white flour and saving money too?  Not to mention losing weight like crazy.  And recent (2010) studies even concluded that low carbers were actually improving their overall heart health and good cholesterol?  That’s a win-win.

If you are on a budget, then low carb is a good choice.  And grocery stores always have various specials on chicken and meat.  Which is great, because then you can get those specials and vary up your plan, learn how to make something new and you never know, you might just find something that you like better.

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