Ketostix and low carb

Ketostix are little test strips that you simply pass through the urine stream to see whether or not it changes color (mine are purple) and if so, then that’s an indicator that you’re excreting ketones.  And consequently are in the ‘ketosis’ – which is a goal of low carbers trying to lose weight. 

Ketones are what the body uses for fuel in the absence of sugar.  And that process is called ketosis.  Ketosis basically means that the body is burning FAT instead of SUGAR as it’s primary fuel source.  This is a natural body process and has been shown to be safe for extended periods of time.

So after few days of the low carb diet and keeping your carb count very low under 20 – 25g of carbs per day, then you’ll start going into ketosis.  And in the beginning, I think it’s a good idea to use ketostix.  They are about $20 for 50 sticks.  But it’s beneficial to use them to test different foods.  Because every body is different.

By using ketostix to test for ketosis, then you can start gauging which foods and meals are truly low carb and supporting your efforts to stay in ketosis.  And remember ketosis means burning fat as fuel.  So if you want to drop a few pounds, then ketosis is a good way to do it.

So it’s been suggested that waiting a couple hours or more after a meal to test for ketosis with your ketostix is a good way to do it.  The darker purple you ketostix are, the larger your ketones are.  But there are other factors, like hydration, etc.

When I first started low carb, I bought some ketostix, because I wanted to measure the progress, not only the scale, and my waist, but I wanted to know if eating 1/4 of blueberries was going to throw me out of ketosis.  Along with other meals, like protein bars, cheese, cream, green beans, etc.

The ironic thing is that it takes several days to start to get into ketosis and pretty much instantly once you eat a high carb meal, ketosis stops.  That’s why it’s important to stay low carb for extended periods of time, that way you’re not going back and forth and in and out of ketosis.  Plus you’re going to burn more fat faster, the longer you stay in ketosis.

So I do recommend using ketostix in the beginning.  They can halp you calibrate the sensation and feelings of what ketosis feels like.  They aren’t mandatory.  You can do it without, but for your own curiosity they can be a useful tool to help keep you on the low carb track.

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