Low carb for quick weight loss

Yes, it’s been my own personal experience that eating low carb will cause a rapid reduction in weight.  In just a couple weeks you could lose a significant amount of pounds.  I lost 15 lbs when I first started.

However, the majority of that weight will be water weight.  And once you start eating carbs again, you’ll re-gain several pounds of that water weight back.  What exactly does that say about eating carbs?  Carbs like water?

Anyway, when you can manage to stick with low carb after the first couple weeks, then that’s when the true real weight loss begins to happen.  Your body starts to adjust to ketosis and begins to run more optimally.  And since ketosis is the natural body process of burning fat for fuel, you’ll start burning  and losing fat at an accelerated rate when compared to other higher carb diets.

The old belief system of low fat diets, to me, is just wrong.  Fat can be our friend.  And fat equals flavor.  We don’t need to be afraid of fat.  I eat alot of different types of fat daily and I am still losing weight at a highly enjoyable rate.  The real beauty of fat is that it really helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and provide a longer more stable form of energy.  You don’t get the blood sugar spikes and dips you get with mostly carbs.  Consequently, you are literally becoming a fat burning machine when you do low carb.

For me, I have noticed that the longer I can go and stay in ketosis, the more weight I lose.  I would say that if you could do low carb for at least 2 – 3 months and really keep it low carb and stay in ketosis, then you’ll really begin to notice a reduction of inches and body fat.  At least, that’s what I’ve experienced.


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