Low Carb Thanksgiving?

Ok, so for Thanksgiving in America, it’s actually easy for low carbers.  And honestly you have 2 options.

Option 1) Turkey is zero carbs.   Knock yourself out.  And if you’re going to a dinner or lunch, then bring a side vegetable and maybe a salad with ranch dressing or I like a good creamy Parmesan salad dressing.  You could probably eat a small portion of green bean casserole, if it’s on the table. 

If you’re making Thanksgiving yourself, then there are a lot of side items to go with turkey and ham.  Like steamed kale, creamed spinach, roasted broccoli, etc.  I like mashed cauliflower with roasted garlic and butter.  It’s a great substitute for mashed potatoes.  Lots of flavor just much lower carbohydrates.

So that’s option 1.   Eat turkey and vegetables or ham and vegetables.  Skip any potatoes, most casseroles, and skip the desert and you’ll be just fine.  A glass of wine has about 4 – 5g of carbs.

Option 2)  Eat whatever you want!  Go for it!  No limits.  The worst thing that happens is that you get out of ketosis and you gain back some water weight and your weight loss is put on hold temporarily.

For me, low carb is a lifestyle.  It’s a choice, NOT a requirement.  I have some weight left to lose so I choose to eat low carb because it works and works well.

But during holidays or time with family and friends, I’ll go off my low carb diet for a good 3 – 5 days.  It’s supposed to be a celebration.  And during that time frame, I’ll eat my favorite foods.  It’s not the end of the world.  The sun will still rise tomorrow.

Now, before I make a conscious decision to go off the low carb plan and splurge for a few days, then I always set a return to low carb diet date.  And I know that for the first few days of getting back into ketosis after a few days off that there might be temporary concerns/cravings and that I just make sure I am well prepared and stocked up with protein and veggies.

One final tip – If you decide on Option 2 and eat whatever you want to, I’d recommend stopping the low carb plan a day or two before Thanksgiving.  For me, I’m just more comfortable a day or two after eating carbs.  I’m carb loaded and ready for Thanksgiving.

If you choose Option 1 – congratulations.  

Either choice is a good one and congratulate yourself for the duration you ate low carb and the weight you lost.  And remember, it’s only food.  You’re the one in charge of what to eat and when.  And when you’re ready, you can always go back to low carb and resume where you left off.

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