Low carb vegetarian?

Admittedly, the low carb lifestyle is much easier being an omnivore, choosing to eat animal protein, dairy, eggs, fish, and vegetables.  And I used to be a vegetarian (four years), back in my college days.  In fact I was even a vegan (no animal products) for about a year.  But I just felt horrible.  I had blood sugar swings, fight or flight responses, etc.  I guess the positive was that I weighed a slim and trim 195.  But I just didn’t feel well.

So I starting eating animal protein and felt much better almost instantly.  Especially starting the day off with some sort of animal protein.  That helped out tremendously.

Now, does that mean you can’t do low carb and be a vegetarian?  Absolutely not.  For example, if you were a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, meaning you ate dairy and eggs, then you could still do the low carb thing.  It’s just a lot harder to do because you have much fewer options.  And you’d have to supplement with oils, like olive or flax, to boost your caloric intake.

Going one step further and adding fish, it’d be alot easier to do the low carb thing and some might even argue the healthier approach, abstaining from red meat.  So you might think about it from the view point of just not eating anything that walks on land.   But I like red meat.  And therefore I eat it.

I can’t help but notice that in what is referred to as nature, you typically see animals eat other animals.  Rarely do you see a lion eating some lettuce with a little olive oil vinaigrette.  You don’t see dolphins skimming for plankton.   It seems like alot of mammals are carnivorous.  And perhaps that is ultimately about the cycle of life.  Perhaps dying is not as scary as we make it out to be, even.  Who knows?

But, the point being, that in nature, animals eat other animals.  That’s a fact.  And I doubt they feel guilty about it.  The challenge being that for many of us, we are so removed in our modern day lifestyle from our food sources.  My Mom back in her day as a kid was told to go out and kill a chicken for dinner.  Nowadays we just go to the store, where it’s prepared for us behind the scenes.  That way we can maybe even begin to believe we aren’t animals anymore.  I think that’s funny in an odd way.  I certainly don’t think we are plants or minerals.

Now being human beings, we have the ability to make many choices that other animals just don’t have.  That and our thumbs.  And I totally respect and appreciate that many people have chosen the vegetarian option.  I can respect.  It’s choice, just like eating meat.  And if you feel well and are at the weight you want to be at, then that seems to work for you.  Kudos.

As for me, something inside my hormonal chemistry simply feels better eating animal protein.  So for the time being I am going to do with it.  And as I get older, a philosophy I have been adopting seems to be getting stronger, and that is…If you are going to do something, you might as well as enjoy it.

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