Mo’ Betta Mayo?

Mayonnaise…it’s basically just oil, egg yolks, vinegar/lemon juice and a dash of mustard and some salt.

But oil is the real issue here.

If you are actually looking at the ingredients on the back of commercial mayo’s, and making an effort to refine your dietary choices, then you’ll begin to notice that companies aren’t using the highest quality oils in their mayonnaise.

By now, of course, this shouldn’t be a real shock to anyone.  Soybean oil, canola oil and others are used mostly because they are neutral in taste/flavor, shelf-stable and probably cheap.  But they aren’t necessarily the best options health-wise.  Especially non-organic.  And even then I wonder.

So how to make a better mayo?

I found a decent recipe from WellnessMama that uses a blend of coconut oil with olive oil and then in the comments sections one person substituted grape seed oil in a 2:1:1 ratio (coconut:olive oil:grapeseed oil).  And then they used an immersion / handheld blender in a jar to whip it up.  Despite everything else, it’s certainly feasible to make your own.  Considering most of the commercial options just plain suck.

If you’re going to do it, then you might as well use organic pastured eggs, organic coconut and olive oil and organic lemon juice/vinegar.  Might take a few attempts to hone the recipe to your liking, but probably worth it in the long run.

Years ago I blogged about this using another basic recipe…making your own mayo.

Happy Daze!

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