My Latest Blood Lab Test Results Eating Ketogenic

My last blood tests were about 30 months ago.  And I have eaten a low carb, ketogenic diet on/off during that time frame.  Typically, 2 to 3 months on keto then a week or two or longer (sometimes a couple months even) off ketosis. And even sometimes eating whatever the hell I wanted.  But can’t recommend that approach, in general. That’s when all my symptoms come back. Blood sugar swings, weight gain, lethargy, etc.

But I’d say for at least half the year last year, I was eating a ketogenic diet, if nothing else because I honestly do feel and function better overall when eating ketogenic. It’s what I keep coming back to. Like it or not.

This year, March 21. 2016, I’ve been in ketosis the entire year and a couple weeks ago I had a new blood test.

I was primarily interested in having my Testosterone, Vitamin D, C-reactive, Insulin and Cholesterol checked and compared to the last test.

You hear a lot of BS out there about ketogenic or low carb.  Some of the things I’ve heard are that ‘ketogenic lowers testosterone’, or ‘paleo/low carb raises cortisol levels’, or ‘eating bacon and eggs raises cholesterol’.  That’s why I think it’s worthwhile to get tested.  To separate fact from fiction.  Reality from Myth.  Tortured Mice studies vs Real Life Individual Human results.

So this year, while eating ketogenic for the last 3 months, MOST of my blood lab results IMPROVED.

And not just by a little.

Compared to 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve managed to increase my TESTOSTERONE by 42%.  It was a little low last test, but this test it improved dramatically.  My serum testosterone is now 451.  And some ‘experts’ like to see that even higher, like somewhere around 700 – 900?  But increasing substantially from a couple years ago seems like a good thing to me.  And it’s no longer in the ‘low’ range.  Plus I’m not taking meds (creams or gels or injections) to increase it.  So POSITIVE PROGRESS there.

Also I dropped my fasting INSULIN levels by nearly 40%.  From 26 to 15.9.  Would still like to see that under 10, but am happy with how things are going.  In fact, this is what I am most thrilled to see.  And this is the primary HEALTH reason I eat a ketogenic / low carb diet – TO STABILIZE BLOOD SUGAR LEVELS and to manage my hyperinsulinism.

As a side note: this stuff about veganism fixing hyperinsulinism?? — I simply do not believe that to be true. I was a strict vegan for over a year and had horrific blood sugar problems. And yet 20 years later am now eating a ketogenic diet to manage that and keto does that remarkably well.

Also my CHOLESTEROL dropped 39 points, from 236 to 197 this year.  Under 200 is generally considered good.  But that also depends on the whole model and understanding of cholesterol.  Many are skeptical of it meaning much of anything.  Some people think it’s more to do with LDL (and LDL-C) and my LDL was a little high, but I’ve managed to drop it down significantly from the last test.  So I see that as overall improvement too.  My estimated CHD risk is lower than average.

My hemoglobin A1C was 4.7 which apparently means I have little to no risk of developing diabetes anytime soon.  Or at least am not at current risk of developing diabetes on my current trajectory.

And am still waiting on C-reactive and Vitamin D results.  My D was a little low last test and my C-reactive was HIGH, but I’ve had lots of chronic inflammation due to multiple failed back surgeries, arthritis (from the surgeries) and that should be interesting to see the results.  

I am concerned about the system chronic inflammation overall.  I have personally noticed less pain and less inflammation and better mobility while eating ketogenic, but that is still my other primary area of concern (blood sugar stability and inflammation).  Considering a lot of the major diseases are typically caused or influenced by inflammation.

I had been supplementing my diet with 5,000 IU daily of Vitamin D this winter.  Which seems helpful overall.  And now that things are warming up, I am looking to getting out and getting more direct sunlight.

Other than that, all my other numbers were completely normal.  Blood glucose was 94 (a little high for a ketogenic diet fasting blood sugaar though).  Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, cortisol, thyroid, DHEA-s, etc., all normal. My urine pH is running around 6.25 or so.  Which I believe is completely normal for urine (which is a little more acidic than blood).

My estradiol was in the normal range, but seemed a little high at 35.  This is one of the few tests that had gotten worse. It used to be around 14. Would like to see that MUCH lower being a male.  Perhaps increasing cruciferous veggies and trying to stick with grass fed and organic meats might help with that??  Of course, that’s a lot more expensive, so it’s a juggling act.  I tired the DIM, which was quite noticeable, but caused stomach issues.  So trying the natural broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower approach.

I also do take some supplements, but that’ll have to be a blog post for another day. I was also taking flax oil at the time of testing, so that might have skewed the estradiol number.

So, for now, still got the ketones flowing, and time for some eggs and sausage for breakfast this morning.  Maybe with a nice cup of Numi Breakfast Black Tea Blend.

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  1. avatar Robert says:

    UPDATE!! Finally got back my Vitamin D and C-reactive. The lab screwed them up and I had to retest. Inconvenient, but no biggie.

    The good news is my Vitamin D has been doubled to 52. Which is in the healthy range. So am taking 5,000 IU during the winter to achieve that level. During the summer, probably just take it every other day or every 1/3 day.

    But my c-reactive(HS) has gone up again. It’s a little high. This is not good. I’ve had multiple back surgeries, all of them complete failures. And they have left with with a fair amount of chronic pain to manage daily. So I think that influences the overall level of inflammation.

    Ironically, I feel better than I did last year. My mobility is better. The pain is down to a dull roar. But that c-reactive number is still a bit discouraging. The things I know about to lower it, I am already doing, like Vitamin C, Fish oil, Turmeric, etc.

    Will have to explore more options to see if I can lower that.

    Incidentally, the morning of the test I had to wait like an hour sitting in a tiny chair and sitting increases the inflammation levels in my body quite a bit. And I was incredibly inflammed during the blood test. So it’s possible that number could have been a bit skewed, or perhaps a chronic sinus infection or something, who knows.

    But it’s still higher than ideal. Even with Low carb, regular diet, keto, etc. Will have to do more research to try to lower that.

    I’ve really honed in on the macro’s as of late and we’ll see if that helps.

    Probably get re-tested in 6 – 12 months.

  2. avatar Robert says:

    I found out that I had some gingivitis and possibly a tooth infection. Which could have raised that CRP level.

    So will get CRP retested in a month or two. I expect it to be significantly lower with better dental care 🙂

  3. avatar Robert says:

    JULY 2016 UPDATE!

    Got retested. Still eating ketogenic. Took 5 days off about a month ago. My 6th annual Carbfest. Didn’t feel well though by day 5, so quickly went back to keto.

    Insulin dropped further = now 9.2. My goal was under 10. Yeah! Was 26, then 15, now 9.2.

    Serum Testosterone = unchanged = 454

    Estradiol = 23. Still higher than I’d like, but in the normal reference range. Still lower than the 35 last time. Progress!

    Everything else unchanged for the most part.

    Didn’t check the C-reactive this time around or Vitamin D. Will probably check the C-reactive in the fall.

    No meds, no fast food. Just dairy free ketogenic diet as noted on this site.

    My calcium was a little low 8.5 (probably from dairy free) so might up that a bit just to be safe.

    So far so good.

  4. avatar Sherry Bland says:

    i have been doing you diet since January 1st and I have to say when you said you feel bad the first week….wow you were not kidding. I felt very tired and just felt bad all over. I just kept telling myself I would feel better after the 1st week and I do. I do not crave breads,pasta and other starches now. I eat meats,cheese and veggies and feel a lot better. My blood sugars are a lot better and controlled. I am hoping as I continue I can come off some of my medications. Due to see the doctor in March and hope my blood work is better than my December appointment.
    Just wanted to say I love this site and have given it to a couple of other people.


    • avatar Robert says:

      Hey – Glad to hear you’re seeing results. I must reiterate that this is what I eat, not necessarily what other people should be eating, since we are all individuals and totally unique. I certainly didn’t create this dietary approach, it’s been around for quite a while, so I can’t really take any credit for it. I eat this way because I pretty much have to 😉 And I created this site is to just share my personal experience with eating low carb on/off for the last 7 years.

      I would highly recommend any and all of the Atkins books, and Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney are both worth watching on youtube videos. They are a wealth of useful information. So these three (Drs. Atkins, Phinney and Volek) are all worth listening to. A few others? Ted Naiman and Eric Westman come to mind. They are all ketogenic doctors.

      Dr. Stephen Phinney is a medical doctor and also a PhD. He said he’s been eating ketogenic for like 13 years straight?!? And he was saying that people who eat a ketogennc diet need to increase their salt intake considerably to counteract any side effects. Something about dietary ketosis increasing sodium excretion. So I am keep a closer eye on keeping my sodium/salt levels a bit higher. Broths, salt, bouillon cubes, etc. Does seem to be helpful.

      I’ve been going off keto every once in a while (and went off from Thanksgiving to New Year’s). But these guys are suggesting just staying on it for long term benefits. So am back in ketosis this new year, made it past that first week, thankfully. Did have some serious cravings. And now starting to feel more energetic myself.

      Good luck with it. Would be curious to see what your blood work looks like on keto. Seeing my own results reinforces that this is the right diet for me and my body.

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