My latest keto diet update


I made this sticky 6 years ago to remind me what to eat.   Still sticky.

So 6 years ago, I started eating ketogenic.  I had no clue what I was doing or getting myself into.

Now 6 years later, I have learned some things about the low carb diet and changed some things accordingly.

But my core motto has remained consistent.  “Protein, Veggies and Fat”.  That’s still my diet the majority of the time.  Turns out that’s also ketogenic.  At least for me.

The BIGGEST change this year has been eliminating dairy completely.  Sadly this included butter.  I love dairy.  I love butter.  But I like breathing a bit more.  And cutting out dairy resolved my chronic sinus infections.  Not to mention my sleep apnea.  And unfortunately butter and ghee were the worst offenders.  Which is odd, because they are mostly fat.

Anyway, still plugging along eating low carb here, been checking my labs a couple times per year (mostly just curiosity) and this winter I’m going to get a calcium score based on a video with Ivor Cummings and Dr. Ted Naiman.  They’re like $100 bucks in my neighborhood.  Should be interesting.

Sometimes I intermittent fast (IMF) up to 20 – 22 hours, maybe a couple times per week?  And I like to eat breakfast (usually eggs and sausage or bacon), and then have a late larger protein lunch, 5 or 6 hours later.  Then skip dinner when I do IMF.  That works better for me than skipping breakfast.

The other big change is getting rid of coffee.  It was just too stimulating for me,  and I find with a ketogenic diet I don’t need it anyway.  And I’ve substituted coffee for an organic green tea in the AM with breakfast.

So this is my end of year update, if anything changes, I’ll post it here.

Good luck everyone with however you decide to whet your appetite!


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