New Dukan diet vs. Low Carb

Look out America, the Dukan diet is coming.  Developed by a French physician, Dr. Pierre Dukan, and reportedly linked to celebrities and future British royalty, the core of it seems to be essentially just another low carb version.  Only more restrictive.  Yes, more restrictive.

The first phase is low fat protein (turkey, skinless chicken, fish, beef, etc.) and 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran.  Apparently his approach is to add more fiber through oat bran.  This amount of oat bran would have about 6g of carbs and only about 1 1/2 grams of fiber (not much).  Add unlimited water and that seems to be the first phase, according to reports.  In comparison, even the Atkins induction phase offers 3x more carbs, including veggies for fiber.  And doesn’t restrict the fat.

The second phase of the Dukan is to add vegetables.  Protein and vegetables?  That’s not only low carb, but that’s also the basis for Paleo low carb.  And that’s also the core of the Dukan weight loss approach.  Add more fat to that and it’s my primary diet choice for weight loss as well.

The third and fourth phases seemed to add more carbs, like bread plus some cheese and the 4th phase is unlimited except eating the first phase one time per week.

Apparently, this diet is huge in Europe and has sold millions of copies of the book that explains all the details and should be hitting book stores in April.  Reports of people losing lots of weight that first week are common, but most, if not all, is just initial water weight.

The funny thing is what the dietitian said about the diet, in particular it’s hard on the kidneys.  This is funny, because I am not aware of any human studies that show this to be true.  it’s one of those myths that just keep being perpetuated.  In that same report I read, they also said that the Dukan diet was dangerous even though there was no scientific studies to prove that.  Too funny.

My suggestion is to skip the book and skip the hype and just eat protein, veggies and fat and you’ll lose weight.  I know I did.

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