Nuts to nuts

I bought some almonds from Trader Joes (dry roasted and salted) and they are literally like crack to me.  Not that I have ever tried crack, but they seem to be highly addictive to my low carb diet.  So much so, I don’t think I’ll be buying them again anytime soon.

They seem to be a bit mis-leading carb wise.  20 almonds have about 5 grams of ‘net’ carbs (or so they say), so eating 20 almonds, which sounds like a lot, seems like no big deal and completely doable.  Except that for me, 20 almonds is about a handful.  And after eating about 6 handfuls yesterday throughout the day, it dawned on me, that an additional 30 grams of carbs from almonds is way more carbs than I want to consume in a day.

But the problem is, I really have a hard time controlling my intake with almonds.  It’s one of those mythical ‘trigger’ foods.  It’s not like a steak, where you can eat it and afterwards you’re feeling satisfied.  No, almonds for me are like an endless dark hole that I simply can’t resist over eating.  Eating almonds for me makes me want to eat more almonds again soon.

The worse part is that my over-consumption of almonds has slowed down my weight loss, which is really counter productive.  So for the next few weeks, I’m placing almonds on the ‘don’t have in the house’ list.  I think they’ll be fine when I switch to a more moderate carb plan.  But that’s still a couple months away at this rate.

If you’re brave or just want to stare desire right in the face, then try my deconstructed coco-chocolate almond delight, but be warned, it seems to be highly addictive and may force you into confronting the dark side of temptation and over indulgence.  I’m still working on that moderation thing…

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  1. avatar Robert says:

    I found a workable solution to my nut dilemma. I found raw almonds in one serving packs. Considering I am a total nut junkie and can’t control my almond consumption, these individual serving packs really help. The raw ones even have a wonderful nice fresh flavor. The roasted and salted ones are on my ‘avoid for now’ list, but do go better with a dark chocolate square.

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