Pasta – a low carb perspective

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize or conceptualize just how many carbs something has in it.  For example, take something as innocent as pasta.  It’s something we’ve all eaten and according to professional tennis players, their food of choice.

However, provided we aren’t a professional athlete spending hours and hours a day training, is pasta a good choice carb-wise or even calorically?

Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts.  I have in front of me a box of Tri Color Rotini Pasta (the little spiral pasta).  And per 2 oz serving, you get 200 calories.  And it’s a low fat food with only 1g of fat per serving.  Not bad, right?

What about the carbs in a 2 oz. recommended serving?  Well, according to the box, 2 oz. of pasta is about 42g of carbs.  In one serving.  That’s 2x as much as many low carbers eat in a whole day!  And realistically, not very many people eat just 2 oz. of pasta.

Have you seen the portion sizes people suggest on the cooking shows?  That’s about 4 – 6 oz realistically.  So let’s be generous and look at a 5 oz. serving. That’s 500 calories, 2.5g of fat and 100g of carbs.  100g of carbs?  In one serving?

Let’s put it another way, even 1 ounce of pasta is more carbs in one serving than a low carber would generally eat in a day.  A 5 ounce portion is enough carbs for 5 days!!

So pasta just isn’t low carb friendly.  And it’s not really all that nutritious.  They have to add Vitamins and Iron to it to give it any nutrition at all.  If they didn’t it would be all zeros on the label.

How about an alternative?  My serving suggestion would be to replace the pasta with a dark green leafy vegetable and now you’re really cooking.

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