Sweet tea anyone?

Shockingly, I just saw how many carbs were in Hardees® sweet tea (according to their own website). And they aren’t messing around when they say ‘sweet’. There are 99g of carbs in one sweet tea (97g of that pure sugar).

To give you an idea of just how much sugar that is, one teaspoon (a packet of sugar) is 4g of sugar. So just one sweet tea has nearly 25, count them, 25 packets of sugar. Seriously?  That’s not only sweet, that’s more like having a little tea with your sugar.

I know a lot of people who drink tea because it’s supposedly a healthier choice. And I’d be willing to say that unsweetened tea (no sugar) is the best choice besides good old water. Unsweetened tea has zero carbs, and zero calories and zero fat.

To save yourself unwanted calories, skip the sweet tea, or sweeten it yourself.  In the case of this sweet tea, the 97 grams of sugar they put into their tea will cost you an extra 380 calories.  Add to that a $6 dollar burger and some medium fries and you are looking at over 1,700 calories for one meal, including over 200g of carbs for that one meal.

Now if your’e a fast food junkie, you might even be eating that once or twice a week.  And considering many low carbers eat less than 30g of carbs per day, that’s a week worth of carbs in just one meal.  And the tea alone is more than 3 days worth of carbs.

The solution?  Cut out the hidden carbs, especially in beverages.  That alone would save you 300 completely empty calories.  For the record, they do have unsweetened tea, which just makes for a better choice on all levels.

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