The real key to success on a low carb diet

Having now lost 64 lbs in the last several months eating low carb, I’ve learned quite a bit about what it takes to succeed eating low carb.  But there is one thing that seems to be the most helpful and that is….proper PLANNING.

I break down low carb planning into 3 sections.

1) Knowing what to eat –At this point, this is still always interesting.  Some foods are higher in carbs and can slow my weight loss, other foods I don’t feel all that well eating and some foods I avoid like the plague. 

There are so many different foods to choose from, even low carb.  My diet is pretty much meat, veggies and fats.  Lately I’ve been seriously reducing dairy and have managed to virtually eliminate artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners and food coloring.  That seems to have helped significantly in terms of how I feel. 

But that still leaves lots of choices.  There are tons of different types of meat, veggies and oils to try.  Which is kinda the fun part – constantly trying new cuts of meat or different vegetables cooked in various ways.   This is where low carb recipes can come into play to help give you ideas for what to eat. 

I actually have two basic strategies.  I see what I have to eat, then get curious about how I can put that together for a tasty low carb meal.  Second, I pick a recipe and make that recipe to try it out.

2) Having the right food in the house –This is so critical.  But also equally critical is not having the wrong foods in the house.  My house has no sugar, no potato chips, no ice cream, no candy, no wheat or rice products.

With proper planning you can easily plan several days to a week at a time and then buy and cook those foods and stick to the plan.  It’s really that simple. 

So I buy fresh and frozen vegetables, meats, butter, olive oil, grape seed oil, organic herbs and spices and that’s pretty much it at this point.   I actually make a list and visualize each section of the grocery store in my mind to see what to buy before shopping, then write it down.

I also keep low carb snacks on hand, like bacon (preservative free), cheese sticks, celery, deli meats (preservative free) and

3) Staying organized – For me this is the final step, keeping my kitchen and pantry organized.  This includes in particular having clean pots and pans consistently and making sure the kitchen is uncluttered and flowing. 

I run the dishwasher daily or every other day at least. In the past I used to let the dishes pile up and I wouldn’t have any clean pots and pans to cook with.  Not a good strategy.   I even tried buying more pots and pans, but it’s still just easier to keep the kitchen clean as you go.  For me, having a clean kitchen makes it so much easier to cook and lose weight in the long run.

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