Use it or Don’t Lose it

Excess sugar in the body will be converted to FAT (if you have enough insulin).  If you eat lots of sugar and carbohydrates and don’t use it, then your body stores it – as fat.  This is a biological process that is very purposeful.  It’s designed to store that potential energy for a rainy day or for times of famine.  Probably going all the way back to our hunter/gatherer days.

Obviously nowadays, with the rather recent invention of fast food on every block, hunting and gathering takes on a whole new meaning.  Especially when that fast food is loaded with empty calories.

So this is the age old argument.  “Just burn more than you consume to lose weight.”

I really can’t disagree with that.  That’s why this site is all about consuming less sugar and less overall carbohydrates.  Not sure why people would have a problem with that.  Or why that’s even still controversial.

Personally, I prefer nutrient dense food and beverages that don’t trigger an insulin response.  Protein, fat and veggies are about as nutrient dense as it gets.  They are also 100% WHOLE foods.

For me, I’ve had multiple back surgeries.   So exercising my butt off isn’t my first option anymore.  It has to come down to being careful what I eat.  And especially what I drink.

Soft drinks (I guess ‘soft’ means no alcohol?) are packed with EMPTY calories.  These refreshing beverages are loaded with sugar which raise insulin levels, which tells the body to store excess calories (more than you burn) into FAT.  Insulin is also pro-inflammatory.  And excessive chronic inflammation is a culprit in multiple disease states, including chronic pain, depression, and heart disease.

A lot of people tend to drink these beverages for energy.  A quick pick me up.  If you really want caffeine, drink black coffee or tea…plain…and skip the sugar.  Or if it’s really the dopamine (the reward sensation chemical) that you’re craving, then try tyrosine or music or sex to change how you feel.  Otherwise, I still think WATER is the best beverage.  It has zero calories and is essential to life.  Not to mention extremely thirst quenching.

At this point, I don’t have a huge caloric energy expenditure anymore.  That’s one of the reasons why low carb is an ideal choice for me.  It’s nutrient dense food without all the fluff.  And minimizing sugar and carbohydrate intake minimizes insulin responses which help prevent blood sugar swings, weight gain, bloating, fat storage and constant food cravings.

So when it comes down to “Use it or Don’t Lose it”, I don’t use it, so I don’t eat it.  I used to eat more than I used, but that strategy clearly didn’t help.  And probably never really did.  Currently, I can’t use a huge bowl of pasta energetically…so I don’t eat it.  And even when I did, it still wreaked havoc on my insulin levels, blood sugar levels, energy levels and mood.

These days I use what I eat.  Or I eat what I can use.  What a radical concept!

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