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In recent studies low carb has consistently been shown to be a highly effective form of weight loss.  It makes use of a totally natural body process called ketosis.  Which is basically eating in such a way as to have your body start using FAT as fuel instead of SUGAR.  And if you are over-fat, then that’s a good thing.

For those of us who are very sensitive to carbs and overeat them on a consistent basis, our bodies burn primarily sugar as its fuel source.  And it stores extra carbs as FAT for fuel for a day when there isn’t an abundance of food around.  But these days, looking for food is not a primary concern for human beings, unlike all the other animals on the planet.  So here we are.  In the 21st century and eating high on the hog, so to speak.

But there are real issues as a result of the incredible abundance of all types of food.  And when you couple that with a sedentary lifestyle, one that the modern world has turned into, then that’s a recipe for obesity.  Which simply means being over-fat.  Or having too much stored energy.

Now depending on just how much fat you have stored, then that can create a slew of health problems.  So the solution is to not just lose weight, but lose fat.  And what a low carb lifestyle promotes is using the process of ketosis to ensure that the body burns fat instead of sugar for it’s primary fuel.

How so?  Well, by simply eating less carbs.  And if you are a recovering sugar-holic like me, then you can really benefit from not eating more than 20 – 30 grams of carbs per day.

So with this site, I’ve posted a sample plan and some low carb recipes for how to do just that.  You’ll have to modify it your liking and your own goals.  But it’s a real plan that I’ve actually used and eaten to help me get into ketosis.  And believe it or not, it’s not hard.  If I can do it as a total sugar junky, then so can you.  Of course, you should consult a healthcare provider to make sure it’s ok for your body first.

Thankfully with a low carb diet we are allowed to eat fat, not avoid it, like most other weight loss plans. And fortunately fat tastes not only good, but great.

This blog is pretty much a running journal of my experiences with eating low carb over the last several years.  The ups, downs, and whenever I have time, some recipes that might even be worth trying yourself.

Good luck and thanks for visiting…

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