Worst burger? Best burger?

Notice how this dog and cat aren't focused on the bun? Hmmmm.....burgers!

I saw an article today about the worst burger in America.  It was from a Men’s Health article and the author was talking about the Burger King NY Pizza burger.  Which had some crazy 2500 calories and 144 grams of fat.  However, BK also suggested that the serving size was for 6 people.  Even in my prime, I am not sure I could eat a burger that big, nor would I want to.

 I think burgers have gotten a bad rap.  And for low carbers they are a great choice, in my opinion.  I haven’t met very many people who don’t like a good burger.  Clearly, this is not an article for vegetarians here. 

But a tasty burger topped with a tomato slice, some mustard, pickles, slice of cheddar cheese, some mayo and wrapped in lettuce or just eaten plain (without the bun) is freaking awesome.  Having been on low carb for a couple months now, I don’t even miss the bread.  In fact, I enjoy the flavor of the burger better this way. 

So if the BK burger was 2500 calories, how many calories is my favorite low carb burger?  Well let’s be generous and say we are going to use a 1/2 pound raw 80/20 beef patty handmade.  That’s 405 calories.  The cheese is 80 cals, the mayo is 90, the pickles, mustard, tomato and onion slice are all negligible, but let’s say 10g to be fair.  So that’s 575 calories for that tasty burger.  1/5 the amount of that BK burger.   And based on a 2,000 cal diet, that ain’t bad.

But for me, I don’t even really care that much about the calories.  I look at the carbs.  And do you know how many carbs are in my favorite cooked at home burger?  About 2g of net carbs.  Why do carbs matter?

Because I think that ketosis matters.  Eating a classic burger vs. eating a low carb burger produce different hormonal responses in the body.  The low carb burger doesn’t produce the same insulin response a burger loaded with sugar laden ketchup and a sesame white flour bun.  And because low carbers who are actually in the process of ketosis are burning fat as their primary fuel, they are going to be using the fat they are eating instead of converting those excess carbs into fat. 

So burgers minus the bun are fair game for me.  And I’ve been losing serious weight eating them.  I make a bunch each week on the grill and freeze them, and when I need a quick low effort meal, I heat it up and top with my favorite low carb toppings (tomato slice, onion slice, mustard, bacon, lettuce, mayo, pickles, etc.) and serve with a side of green beans, salad or broccoli and I am good to go.

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