You think eating low carb is hard?

Try eating low carb with NO dairy. That pretty much just leaves meat and veggies, which is my current diet.  Sadly, I had to give up eating dairy.  As it turns out from a lot of self-testing different foods, it turns out dairy was a major pro-inflammatory for my body.

The real challenge is that I liked dairy, I like cheese and butter and cream.  The varieties and the combos you can make with them are damn near endless.  And that one food group alone can make eating low carb not only easier, but almost luxurious.  Cream sauces, hard and soft cheeses, and the ever amazing butter.

You think giving up carbs is hard to do?  Not hardly, cause I just went cold turkey on dairy too.  It all started a couple weeks ago, when I started eliminating foods because I have had some serious chronic pain issues for too long to count.  I thought it might be diet related and I thought it was preservatives.  Cutting out all artificial preservatives was helpful.  But it wasn’t until I cut out dairy that I noticed a dramatic improvement in my inflammation levels.  Within just a couple days, I started to notice significantly less pain in my body.  In particular where I had back surgery from years ago.

As a result of not eating dairy, I feel much better now.  The persistent bite from chronic inflammation is now down to a dull ache.  And that makes it worth not eating dairy.  The real culprit?  Apparently something called casein.  A milk protein that only a small percentage of the population is allergic to.  And apparently I might be one of them.  Which kinda sucks for me.  BUT…I’ll take less to no pain over eating dairy any day of the week.  Only took me 40 years to figure out.

Ironically, my skin is also clearing up from tiny patches of eczema I’ve had for decades after only a few days of not eating any more dairy.  It feels softer and even the chronic dry skin I’ve had since being a teenager seems to be improving.  Add to that the mind-boggling concept of the pain in my body has dropped, I’d say that’s pretty good feedback.

So I don’t mind not eating dairy if it means I will feel and function better.  Luckily that still leaves a wide variety of foods to choose from and makes me lean even more towards fresher foods.  To offset my caloric loss of not eating dairy, I added some nuts (almonds & pecans), some milk-free dark chocolate, vegetables and proteins.  Instead of cream sauces, I’ll be doing raw and roasted vegetable sauces.

So it’s not a total disaster, but I’m glad I know that I need to be wary of it in the future.  I can’t say that I will never ever eat dairy again, but it certainly won’t be my first choice anymore.  Time to come up with some new creative non-dairy low carb recipes.

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  1. avatar Juan says:

    Maybe this is an older post, but you do say you eat dairy butter with pretty much all your meals (grass fed butter and feta cheese ranch). Has that changed given you discuss the inflammation above?

    Also, what kind of dark chocolate are you having? Do you ever make high fat shakes in the am?

    Thank you!

    • avatar Robert says:

      Yeah, older post. I should probably put the dates back up there. But still relevant. I’m almost being forced to stop eating dairy.

      Not sure how valid it is, but I did a blood test that showed an allergy to most dairy. Which pretty much matches my experience. I suspect it because of pasteurization. When I was in Holland, I could eat the cheese and felt well overall.

    • avatar Robert says:

      Dark Chocolate is Lindt 85/86% dark chocolate. Like 1/2 to 1 square. Not the whole bar. Has 3-4 grams of sugar, but doesn’t kick me out of ketosis.

      And I rationalize the polyphenols and theobromine as being good for me. Plus I like the taste. Haha.

      • avatar Juan says:

        Thanks for answering all the questions. Much appreciated. I’m going to try it out. I gotta get used to having that much fat. I am 100 pounds overweight, limiting my carbs, but also limiting my protein. Ready for a change. Tried it before, but not that much fat and too much protein. Could be the missing link. Eliminating dairy will be the hardest part.

        • avatar Robert says:

          Hey – Good luck. I hope you keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

          A couple things I learned from the low carb ‘experts’. Apparently the first couple weeks, going into ketosis, our bodies deplete a lot of sodium and water. So Dr. Phinney suggested increasing sodium intake and water intake to compensate. Keep an eye on it. His book is good,the art and science of low carb, both versions.

          I wouldn’t worry about dairy for the first month, until you felt really well on ketosis. Then if it’s an issue, you could try to cut it out. That’s what I did/am doing. Definitely reduced my intake considerably.

          Good luck!

    • avatar Robert says:

      High fat shakes? Yep, tried them. In many different forms.

      Whey protein concentrates and/or isolates with and without milk and/or water

      Raw eggs with coconut oil & butter & MCT & water & blueberries or strawberries.

      Back in the mid 90’s, when Bill Phillips and EAS first came out, I used to drink myoplex with flax / Udo’s oil. 1 to 2 Tblsp. Which I liked.

      For me, they still digest a bit too fast. And I get better/more stable results over a longer period of time with eating breakfast.

      I do like the idea. If you did it with grass fed butter, you’d have to get the butter in liquid form. Same goes for the coconut oil. Or else it’d be kinda chunky.

      But that’s just how my biology works. Yours could be totally different.

  2. avatar Juan says:

    Thanks again for your response. I find Whey to be insulogenic for me. All the these Paleo guys promote the hell out of it saying it’s great for weight loss, but I don’t buy it. I think it’s more about make the $ from selling their private label products.

    I’m going to try that Collagen from Dave Asprey and see if that works for me, his MCT oil (or add coconut oil to mix it up a bit). I also use Udo’s 3/6/9 oil (it makes me go to the bathroom quick if I use too much), some organic chia seeds (a tbsp or two), some walnuts (about 5), half an avocado, less than a 1/4 cup of blueberries, a few pumpkin seeds, and Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink with a stevia, and two pastured egg yolks from Vital Farms. Does that sound like enough healthy fats for a meal replacement? With the Bragg’s it takes good and there’s no carbs in that drink.

  3. avatar Robert says:

    Yeah, keep an eye on the MCT oil. Too much will make Udos seem like a ‘slow trip’ to the bathroom. I see why these guys are all hooked on MCT. Medium-Crack-Tones. It does seem to work. Have you seen D’Agostinos stuff?

    I saw Dave Asprey’s collagen. But I am taking the Type 2 collagen specifically to manage joint pain. I am thinking his is more full spectrum? His new bars looked decent.

    I also suspect there is something to that whole Leptin issue and I know both Dave Asprey and Jack Kruse recommend eating 50 g of protein for breakfast. To help reset leptin.

    So I am trying that protocol now. I was only doing 20-30 for breakfast, but still having good success. We’ll see. I got up to 40g of protein this morning.

    Can you handle coffee? I can drink it recreationally, just not everyday. Are you drinking the bulletproof stuff?

    Yeah, unlike a lot of the Paleo folks, I’m not really pushing any products on this site. Not seriously.

    Originally I was going to do a cookbook (and still might), but that’s been put on the back burner. I could probably dump the Google ads and go au natural and wouldn’t miss anything really.

    So my motivation here is not financial doing this site, or else I would have done it entirely differently. I was just trying keep a journal of my low carb experiences.

    I had to reformat my hard drive, so I lost Dreamweaver and haven’t re-installed it yet. I do need to update the of the other pages sooner or later.

    Haven’t tried the Bragg’s drink. Let me know how your drink goes.

  4. avatar Juan says:

    Just tried a different drink – more like one of yours above. I didn’t have lunch and wanted something quick and easy and to take in healthy fats. I’m trying to avoid protein powders given everything I’ve read about them – especially whet given how it can increase insulin. Just added up all the calories and fat/carb/protein %’s. Not sure I did it right since it didn’t add up to 100% – I must be doing something wrong: 563 calories / 56% fat / 7% carbs / 9% protein made up of:

    Udo’s Oil & Coconut Oil 1 tblspn each
    I tablspn of organic chia seeds
    Sprouted Organic Walnuts/Pecans/Almonds (5 each)
    1 organic pastured egg
    Bragg’s drink I mentioned before.
    Bulletproof Collagen – 1 tablespoon.
    1 ounce of organic blueberries.

    Question – too many calories or do I just ignore as you say?

    Also, you mentioned above a blood test to determine your food allergies. Where do I find that test?

    Lastly, the last time my insulin was tested, it was 19. I read somewhere it should be under 5. Did it take you along time to get your insulin low to start losing weight. I’m sure my insulin is high to get my blood sugar normal, which it is.

    Thank you.

    • avatar Robert says:

      Not 100%. Were those carbs, NET carbs? Did you count the fiber? Cause you’re missing something. 1 g of fat = 9 calories. 1 g of carb and protein = 4 cal.

      How does it taste?

      How long you been eating low carb? In the beginning I do like to test my ketones using ketostix. Just so I can calibrate. I figure if I am in ketosis I am doing it right. I haven’t gotten sophisticated and measured mMOL of ketones with a monitor yet.

      That lab test was an ig4 test. Blood spot. From LEF via meridian valley labs. Not sure how valid, but I did cut out the foods they recommended and my inflammation went down. Coincidence?

      That collagen I think is good. I am really a fan of type 2 collagen specifically. Has helped my back tremendously. Just in the last 2 -3 weeks.

      Where do you find sprouted nuts? Have you tried the spouted broccoli?

      More than anything, how do you feel after drinking the shake? Full, satisfied for hours? Or craving food an hour later? That’s how I judge.

  5. avatar Robert says:

    I haven’t tested my insulin lately. But I lost weight within the first week of starting. Then I go into plateaus, followed by more weight loss. At my peak I was losing on average 1/2 pound per day. And walking 4-5x per week.

    On that food allergy test (igG4), oddly enough I wasn’t allergic to gluten. But I was highly allergic to the yeast (which might account for all the so called ‘gluten’ problems,. since they usually go hand in hand).

  6. avatar Robert says:

    I’m also getting my omega 3 to omega 6 tested. Waiting for results. I had great results with fish oil.

    And then I want to get a cortisol test next (From It measures cortisol 4x per day. And DHEA-s levels. My DHEA level was at the low end of the range, a couple years ago.

    And I haven’t done a saliva test in 20 years. I wish I would have sooner though. In hindsight. Some ‘docs’ don’t think they’re valid, but those saliva cortisol results matched my experience. More so than the hair analysis I had. That only showed I had high cadmium. Which is weird. I used to paint, maybe that was why. Not sure.

    I do think leptin and insulin have a lot to do with being overweight.

    Good luck, let me know how you’re doing.

  7. avatar Robert says:

    The reference range life extension labs gave me for insulin was 2.6 to 24.9. Mine was higher than that. I was under extreme stress at the time (life altering) and stopped eating low carb and went back to fast food. So I know damn well that diet doesn’t work. For me.

    MY friend can eat fast food (and does) daily and is thin as a rail. Lucky bastard.

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